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Inspired by alternative punk rock from the late 90's and early 00's.

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For some reason I got inspired by Alternative and Punk Rock from the 00’s. A sort of happy and catchy melody but with lyrics the brings up on of the

Who You Were

Once again I wrote a song about life. This time it’s about being an adult and how repetitive life becomes when you reach a certain age. The focus we put

Piece By Piece

Yes, I know that this could’ve been a playlist. But it’s much more fun when a collection shows up as an album under your profile across the different streaming platforms.

Cotton Bear Road

Not sure if it’s something that comes with age or if it’s just me. Things that I found interesting and the ambition to make something else than just lying in


I wanted to complain about the situation that we have in the world right now, where the violence suddenly became something of the present rather than something that belongs to

Over two decades

Welcome to my landing page! From here you will be able to find my latest music as well as navigate your way to the locations where I’m active online.

I’ve had a passion for music as long as I can remember. When I was eight or nine (odd that I don’t remember this) I got my first acoustic guitar. Ever since then I’ve been eager to create music. Thanks to a music teacher I had, I came in contact with Cubase. I became interested in making music with the computer at home. But Cubase was extremely expensive back then. So I started using tracking software and the rest is history.

Airborne Performance is my old brand, it will still be around but not used for any new publications. Gustaf Westin Music, is my new brand that I will use moving forward. When I release music, I do that under the artist names Airborne Angel and Gustaf Westin. Use the links below in order to get to the locations on social media and streaming services where you can find my music!